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CAIS has been manufacturing rolling gear for 25 years and has always sought new and better ways to move your gates. This development has seen two outstanding products added to our range, a trackless telescopic cantilever gate kit set and a bi-folding trackless gate kit.

Sterling Foundry Ltd is the sole UK distributor for CAIS and has full stocks of every product ready to dispatch on a next day basis.

To talk about our company is to talk about our people that produce the product.

It is on these shoulders that our company succeeds.

A company should give its people the time and the tools to produce the best that they can, this no compromise ethos drives every product, and will be seen on you finished product for many years into the future. 

Stephan Grohe
Rolling Line Manager

"Straight tolerance takes skill, precision, experience and patience"

Kim Maiceck
Tooling Control

"Engineering excellence starts with having the correct tools to do the job"

Christian Gryzka
Quality Assurance

"Quality is what sets you apart from the rest"

Tre Sinqvoist

"Its so good to work for a company that understands precision"