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Our passion, experience, drive and enthusiasm has created simply the most accurately engineered rolling gear for cantilever or sliding gates in the world.


State Of The Art Roll Forming Line

Eighteen Roll Formers - The most in the industry remove the inset "memory" of the metal.


Built in flying hole punch - Punches a hole in the rail exactly every 400mm.

Slow rolling - This means no heat during the production kepping the material where it is rolled with no "relaxation" of the product after.

Enginnering Excellence Carriages

Carriages - Centre holes are milled not lasered.

Only high strength certificated precision tool steel is used.

Wheels are riveted into position with just EXACTLY the right amount of pressure. This gives our carriage a trademark smoothness once the load is applied.

Steel Strip must only be the best, which is why world renowned Wupperman Steel is the only supplier capable of the exacting standards we require.

Galvanised strip of exacting standards means that you can bolt our product on after you've galvanised your gate.

So even if your gate is slightly bent. The rail wont be.

CAIS Rolling Gear