One Box Solution for Cantilever Gates CAIS Rolling Gear

This All-in-One Kit provides an easy solution for your installation needs!

For openings up to 4000mm (5.6m of rail provided) and a gate weighing 325kg, our high quality lengths of steel cantilever rails come with pre-punched holes every 400mm, High quality 8 wheeled carriages, end stops, rests, and of course bolts so you can drill and tap to fix the rail to the bottom of your gate.


Excellent feedback rating from recent customers. Plenty Of Stock here in the UK for immediate dispatch.


One E-Box SE 02 (42 kg) Contains:

- 2 pcs - SPEED SE/carriage

- 2 pcs, 2.8 metre lengths - STAGE SZ 5,6m/C' profile guide galvanised

- 1 pc RUN S/guide support wheel

- 1 pc LAST S/end stop

- 2 pcs PILOT SN/end cap

- 1 pc FRS 2/roller guide plate

- 15 pcs BOLT

All high-quality products, hot dipped galvanised to 270 gr/m2 compared to market average of 90 gr/m2 making our products hard wearing, rust free & extremely durable

Take a look at our great 3D video CLICK HERE for more information on the kit including installation instructions.

Or watch our full length video CLICK HERE which demonstrates the quality and how the profile is produced and additional information on installation and quality.


E Box SE02 Cantilver Gate Hardware Kit

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