The new kit from CAIS will enable you to create a single bi folding gate with an opening of 3.0m wide.

Saving space when comparing to a standard gate.

Opening and closing in double quick time.

Gates up to 3.0m opening and weighing no more than 110kg.

Designed to last harsh winters and warm summers.

This simple to fit and design kit will make your gate swing for years to come.

Galvanised to 270gr m2, well above the industry average.

Complete kit does not include hinges for hanging the gate or gate connection hinges. Its the mechanism for bifolding only.

This is perfect for when space for your gate is at a premium or your driveway is short. This can also help speed up your gate when you are on a busy Road for example.

Twin Drive Set 3.0 Bi Fold Gate Hardware (one leaf)

SKU: 1710902