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Sterling Foundry Ltd the UK's sole supplier of CAIS products. We have in stock hardware for cantilever gates. We also sell hardware for bifolding gates, telescopic gates and swing gates. Single leaf or double leaf gate options are also covered. If you have a problem with space for your gate, then we will have the solution. 

www.rollinggear.co.uk for all your cantilever gate needs



Precision, passion and a technical knowledge are key ingredients as to why our product is the worlds best rolling gear for cantilever gates. Our rolling gear helps your product to last beyond your customers expectation and enhances your reputation. 


We have listened to our customers experiences and needs. It is this need that has driven our product range. Our customers require immense reliability and with todays electronic encoders a  precise and smooth roll.



It is only after 25 years that the culmination of this experience has produced the best production line for cantilever rolling gear in the world. See this roll forming line in action, its unique in its precision and accuracy.



"Quality is not an act, it is a habit."